On FIRE Despite Rain

We intend to be financially independent and retire early. We have 8 kids. We are transitioning to MrTB4M becoming a SAHD. We HAVE a plan. OK, well we have a few plans and backup plans and plans we didn’t even know were plans. But, the gist of it is we know where we are headed and have a decent idea of how we are getting there.

This week was full of a few little rain showers on our flamesL In case you were unaware – the stock market was WAY down two days in a row this week. Now, there are plenty of people that follow the advice to not check your retirement and savings accounts everyday – and then there is MrTB4M. He checks at least once per day; and on days the market is swinging either high or LOW, he checks it several times. He can’t help it! So MrTB4M checked and checked and checked again and watched the numbers drop. Well, we think to ourselves, we can overcome this. Just a little mist on our FIRE.

Then MrTB4M finds out that his job (that is the current FTE job that he was going to work until July 2019) is more than likely going to be eliminated; and possibly eliminated in the next 3 months. Definitely rain shower number two for the week. But, this one was pretty easy to take. There was no sense of panic, no anxiety. We know that this means just a little different plan or plans – which we have already worked on: 1) we switch up the vacations we were planning long term and delay some of the bigger ones, no big deal or 2) the driving business will get a little more advertisement and bridge the gap. Neither of these options are very stressful. You notice we said we will switch up the vacations, not skip vacation; and we could actually advertise the driving business other than word of mouth referrals. What you didn’t read was that we were immediately updating CVs and looking for jobs for MrTB4M. Nope! We are in an amazing place right now and this is just a minor sprinkle.

Next up for the week is college talk. We filled out the FAFSA for the boys – again. It is that time of year. We really weren’t expecting much financial aid since this is our biggest income year – ever! That goes along with being on FIRE….you have to work at it. But, it was disheartening to see what our expected contribution was for each of them. It is so strange, 2 kids in college and 6 more dependents at home and it looks like there will be no financial aid for 2019-2020. Even more frustrating is that J2 had a higher expected contribution than J1. Who would have thought?! That was our third rain shower of the week.

After all that, our flame isn’t out. We haven’t changed our goal. We are embracing the possibility that it may happen sooner than July 2019. This path to FIRE sure is one big comfy umbrella for us.

One thought on “On FIRE Despite Rain

  1. Sue

    I’m enjoying your new blog and found you through a comment you made on another blog. I’m a married mom of four, with the oldest just starting college. I hope to read more about your family’s situation and adventures!


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