Flame Is Still Burning

Here we are – two months after MrTB4M left corporate America. Guess what? It has been OK. Sure, there have been things that have changed. But, there are many things that haven’t changed. AND several things that have changed without anyone being aware of that.

We were planners and budgeters before MrTB4M left his job – and this continues. While the amount coming in has changed, the amount distributed to out household budget is as we had planned. We still designate for charity and college and savings and vacations. We have slacked on our date nights. While we were in the thick of planning for the FIRE date, we would go one night a week for a late coffee – not so much about the coffee, but for the time to connect with each other. Once we reached the goal, we let this date night slide….and we need to get back into that groove!

MrTB4M and the kids have gotten better about doing things like laundry and cleaning during the day while I am at work and a few days a week they even cook dinner. Most of the time I even get home to a dishwasher that has been emptied and things put away – thank you! There is just something about going home to find a dishwasher filled with dished from the night before that sends me over the edge.

So, what exactly is MrTB4M doing? A TON of different things! For started 3 days a week he teaches driver’s education or personal finance at 3 local homeschool co-ops. Then there is also the driving business – 8JS – now has full time availability. His goal is something like 5 lessons per week…..most weeks he has twice that. Then there is school for the kids. MrTB4M is now the “teacher”. I am still the planner/organizer and I still prep and oversee most things. But, once I get things ready for MrTB4M he is willing to give it a shot. The kids have been doing “school” for two weeks and we are not behind! Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t get behind – it just means right now we are not behind. I am the first to admit that we have had weeks where we were behind before Monday ended (and maybe before Monday started). But, so far this is not the case this year.

I still feel like MrTB4M and I overthink a lot of things. We spend a lot of time analyzing and discussing “what if we would have” or “do you think we should”; sometimes to a point that we forget to enjoy the present moment.

Overall at two months in I feel like we have had far fewer worries than I imagined. As I sit here this morning listening to the rain it is comforting to know that our FIRE is still burning!


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