Back Tracking?


We are nearly three months into the “FIRE” for MrTB4M. He is happier; the kids are happier; the stress level at the house is so much lower. AND yet, he is already talking about getting a job.

He seems to be unable to settle his mind. He is driven by goals – which is a great thing. But it is also a curse when goals are made just because “we need to strive for something”.

The time with the kids is taxing him and he is trying to get into a routine but is struggling to find his comfort zone. I will also add that he is still using our babysitter about the same amount as he did before so most weeks he does have “time alone”; and my Fridays off are still my day with the kids and errands, so that is another day that he gets “his” time.  For him, the comfort is illusive.

All of the planning and strategizing are not without success – it just seems that his new status will take some getting used to. There is still the driving business which is going well. Admittedly it has been a little slow lately…..BUT he HASN’T advertised. So, really, how much should we complain?

I continue to hold onto faith that I know this was a move we needed to make for our kids and ourselves. I continue to pray that MrTB4M is guided to peace within himself so that he can enjoy the opportunity we created.

We signed up for adventure 23 years ago and we are still exploring!

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