Three Months and Counting……..

MAYBE we are into a routine of sorts at our house. MrTB4M is working out his own daily school routines with the kids and there are more good days than bad. The business is very steady – sometimes too steady. Unfortunately, it is back to a lot of evening and weekend hours – which is what we were hoping to avoid. On the other hand – MrTB4M is home most days to spend time with the kids, which is what we were hoping for. They have mastered several puzzles and are working their way through the Marvel super hero movies – rewards for school work performed well.


One thing that we have noticed is that there are more smiles in our house. That part of our search has worked out. Overall, there is far less stress and anxiousness in the house.

MrTB4M and I are trying to get back into our weekly “date”/”coffee” nights just to carve that time out for ourselves again. AND we are discussing what our next “plan” should be. Should we work towards us both being home? Should we work towards growing the business? It is so hard to know what the “right” answer is at the moment. So, we will just continue to pray about it and see what sign pops up for us.




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