Where Did the Time Go?

Yesterday marked four official months of MrTB4M being FREE from corporate America. There was no celebration; no balloon drop; no storm of confetti. But, our house has been filled recently with a sense of peace that had been missing for some time. This peace is the peace that comes with the discovery that the right decision was made at the right time and that the family is doing well as a result.


We had been caught in the hamster wheel way too long. He was coming in – I was going out – we were heading different directions – we felt we were being pulled into a pit of nothing. Until we got serious about a strategy to get MrTB4M home. THEN it happened – we packed up his “stuff” and turned it in and walked away from a job making over $80,000/year. WHAT?????!!!!!!!!


We had talked about all the changes this would bring for the house – and we were prepared. We knew it wouldn’t be easy – and we were ready. We were anxious to see if it could work – and we had faith.


But, it is strange……this change for us, hasn’t been a huge change. We are still putting money in the bank – go figure. MrTB4M is working far fewer hours than he ever has. The line of customers for the driving business is never ending – all without advertisement. I can only imagine how busy he could be if we advertised; but that would take him away more and would not be what we were in search of. We still take the kids out to do things; we still occasionally go out to dinner; we are still planning vacations. We are just doing it on one income.


School is going well for the college boys. J2 is probably half way through football for the year. J1 is registering for his second to last semester (where did that time go?). School is going well for the little ones – things are moving right along. Our “baby” (J8) will be 5 on Sunday. He is a great reminder that we are on this path so that we aren’t watching him graduate college thinking “Where did the time go?” We can ask the question in terms of “how did it happen so quickly….we remember when”. But, we will not be asking the question with the message of “how did this happen, how cold we miss this, when did you grow up?” NOPE – our time before money journey has set us up to enjoy each of the kids (even on the bad days) and to be part of their lives now!

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