Now What?

We operate best on a plan. We know what we need to get from one point to another; we work towards that and mark accomplishments along the way. Right now we don’t really have a plan – or at least we haven’t talked to each other about what the plan is.

MrTB4M is doing a great job of growing the business – WITHOUT advertisement. Some weeks he is more busy than he would like. So, what do we do? Do we focus on the business and really make it big? Do we slow it down and let it coast? What do we do??????


MrTB4M is also doing a good job of getting the schooling done. His methods are definitely different from mine – which is ok – except when I am working with the kids and they tell me how I am “doing it wrong because dad does it another way”. ☹

In the mean time I am still working – which is a bit of a struggle. MrTB4M is so used to having his own schedule (even when he was working, his job was very independent) and the fact that there are expectations at my job about hours and presence in the office are a little difficult to navigate.

We have fallen away from date nights and I feel like we need those back. We need to reconnect. We need to re-center our goals AND we need to decide where we are going.  We need to remember to find our dream.

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