New Year – New us?

It is 2020 – and looking back there have been so many changes since MrTB4M and I started our journey. It is seriously a case of “Where did the time go?”

We have gotten married, bought a house, added 8 additions, switched careers, paid off all debt, graduated two boys and sent them off to college, had no careers, switched careers again, and are still journeying.


Life’s a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow; don’t worry about what you don’t know, life’s a dance you learn as you go” ~ John Michael Montgomery


So what is on tap for 2020? We aren’t entirely sure. We are again in a season of wonder. Wonder what we should do – wonder who should do what – wonder where we are going and how we will get there.

MrTB4M is still running his business and it is going well. Not much in the way of advertisement at all other than word of mouth. Still, some weeks are busier than he would like. Now the finances of the business are the tricky part. The business is paying for itself – YEAH! And the business is providing a little extra cushion – YEAH again! Most weeks MrTB4M doesn’t have to work too many hours. This is the tricky part, if MrTB4M worked a normal amount of hours – there would be a huge profit; since he is working limited hours to just cover expenses and the few extras we want from his salary, it looks like a wash. However, if we take a step back it is pretty clear that the business isn’t a wash and isn’t failing – it is just doing what we need it to do.

Now the hard part is deciding what we really need it to do this year? Do we want to grow it big – make more money, speed up the time frame to have our RV and travel for a year? Maybe, but do we want to give up the time MrTB4M has with the kids – sometimes probably he does (especially he day after winter break) – other times the happiness in the kids is so obvious that you would wonder why this would change.

J1 is back to college in one week. J2 is staying home for 6 months on a college co-op; experience in the engineering field and money to pay for another year of college – win/win. The rest of the Js are moving along in school and some days are better than others – for all of us!

2020 is here – and we are ready! Who knows where we will end up – but step by step we will get there….together.


“Life’s a road you travel on; when there’s one day here and the next day gone; sometimes you bend and sometimes you stand; sometimes you turn your back to the wind” ~ Rascal Flatts

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