2020 Is Marching On!

J1 returned to Truman State and is counting down. This time next year, he will have graduated and (hopefully) have a job. He has applied for a summer internship with a local police department. Not our first choice of careers for him – but his career is NOT our choice. We have said many prayers over this and we know that this is in God’s hands.

So far J2 started an educational Co-op this semester and is working full time at a local rail plant. The little boys love having him home. He likes the income and the experience – not so fond of the 5:30 am wake up and 30-minute drive.

J3 is amazing us in his own ways. We threw him into dual enrollment classes at a higher pace than his brothers – 9 credits this semester, in addition to the 4 classes he is working on at home. He is working 2-3 days a week. He attends youth group weekly and is preparing to lead a middle school retreat this weekend. AND he is teaching himself to play the guitar. He spends hours every week just working on getting the music right. This is his first year without basketball (his choice) and we were a bit worried he would be bored – but, he has filled his time with things that are purposeful and that bring him joy.

J4 attended her first March for Life. It was hard to send her 17 hours away from home by bus and we did worry. But she did fine (as we knew she would). Every once in a while, she shares some memories from this trip with us and she is already planning for next year. J4 is handling her freshman year well so far; she is staying on top of classes, attending dances, playing soccer, and going to youth group. She is also attending the retreat this weekend as a helper. Unfortunately, J4 is a 14-year-old girl dealing with all the “normal” teenage girl issues – and it is wearing us all out. I pray regularly that this passes over her without leaving lasting scars and that her eyes can be opened to her own potential so that she can embrace her own gifts and strengths rather than continue to be sucked into the pit of dismay.

J5 is still content to kick the soccer ball every chance she gets. While the reality is that she won’t play club level soccer next year, I sure do enjoy watching her compete. She is one of those kids that steps onto the field and assumes this amazing level of composure, focus, and determination. Soccer is NEVER a chore to her.

The “littles” are so full of energy – they wear us out! Of course, they aren’t so little anymore at 8, nearly 7, and 5. For the most part they are cooperative with school and are all advancing well. They have a tendency to desire the TV and video games like the older boys; and they are most happy when they can just run outside!

I have transitioned to work from home. It has been a process – I literally brought all my equipment and books home on a Monday afternoon, set them up and at 5:30 am Tuesday morning logged on and started working. That was the extent of the change. While I would love to have an office space – there just isn’t an option in our 1000 square foot house to carve out a dedicated space. So, I am at a table in the basement and am delighted by the window! It has been so selfishly pleasing to not get out of bed at 4:20 am every day (nothing against you early birds, but I didn’t really care for that). I have also avoided driving in snow and ice several weeks in a row now and I am NOT complaining about that!

MrTB4M is still at “home”. Driving lessons continue, some weeks extremely busy and some not so much. We still cannot decide which way we should take this business – but we are always looking for a sign. His dedication is amazing!




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