2020 Spring Spiral

So much has happened over the past few weeks. Our family knew March and April would look different for us because I was having surgery; I would be out of commission in terms of bending/lifting/carrying/strenuous activity for 6 weeks beginning March 11th. We were prepared – the pantry and refrigerator were stocked, the house was cleaned, coaches were aware kids might be missing practices, carpools were arranged.

I went in the hospital March 11th and came home March 12th. COVID -19 precautions were visible in the hospital and in the news. Within a week, life as we knew it had changed. Businesses were closed by executive orders, schools closed, entire communities were issued restrictions on size of gatherings, and then “stay at home” orders were issued in our area. Overnight toilet paper became the “gold” of 2020. Fear was driving society on a downhill spiral at high speed.

For us, school wasn’t a problem. We already homeschool our kids so there wasn’t a change for us. For our college boys, it was a big change – they enjoyed the bonus spring break week (2 weeks off😊) but transitioning to online classes 100% of the time was not exciting for them. J1 had been home for spring break. But, since it was just a one-week break, he had only brought basic things home and not many books. Luckily, he lived off campus so he was able to make a trip back up to school to get some things he needed. He was also able to shop more freely and more successfully by school compared to home.

Our biggest change is that we can’t go to church. The closing of churches has been hard. Our family is used to attending Mass together every week. The last time anyone was able to go to church was March 15th. We miss it! We are lucky enough that in 2020 there are many options to stream services on the home TV/computer and we do take advantage of that. But it isn’t the same! Church isn’t the building, it is the people, and while we are fortunate to have each other – we are still missing the other members.

So many of our friends have been furloughed, laid off, forced to take pay cuts. MrTB4M isn’t able to run his driving school. Things are HARD for many people. Yet, our family is comfortable. All our hard work and determination to get to a point where we were prepared to spend “time before money” has paid off! We continue to pray for all those that are working the frontlines in health care; all those that are ill from the Covid-19 virus; all those that are ill/injured unrelated to the virus but whose care is being dictated by the virus restrictions; all those that have lost their jobs; all those that are struggling to manage new tasks necessitated by stay at home orders and business closures; and everyone else that could use a prayer (no matter the reason).

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