What is Going On?

Although rhetorical, it isn’t! I mean really….what is going on? 2020 will definitely be a year to remember; a year history has been made (or changed); a year of discovery (what do you do when you are home ALL the time); a year of preservation (hunker down and make smart decisions); a year of fear (what is/will be); a year of hope (there IS hope in this mess); a year of change (what hasn’t changed?)!

COVID 19 continues to upset day to day living for many people. There are numerous people that remain ill (or recovering) or under-employed/unemployed as a result of COVID 19 restrictions. The media continues to promote fear and anxiety (and it is still working)! Social injustice has been front and center for so many people; people on both sides of the matter and people that want to somehow meet in the middle to truly change things for the better.

Our family continues to plug along. The older boys are finishing some classes they took over the summer. J1 is in the homestretch of an internship at a local law enforcement agency. J2 finished a 6.5 month co-op at a local metal factory. J3 is still learning to play the guitar. The rest of the kids are tired of being cooped up at home. They miss their friends/their teammates; their activities; they have even missed going to the grocery store (who would have thought?)!

MrTB4M is still teaching people to drive. We have still NOT advertised “officially”; he is more than busy with simply word of mouth referrals. Not at all a bad problem to have. I am still working in the corporate world. For more reasons than one we don’t know how long this will last. First, about two weeks ago the company announced there will be a 10% reduction in staffing (departments as well as individuals as needed to meet this reduction); our department is small and relatively incidental to most of the enterprise. These “official” announcements came exactly two days before we were to go on a family vacation.

Oddly, while others I knew were worrying/strategizing/playing the “what if” game, I was making packing lists and planning for the trip. I was not in panic mode. You see, my job is a job; it isn’t my life; and it isn’t a make or break it situation. We worked hard to get here and while my job is a cushion right now, we could be fine without it too. Imagine that, fine without any source of guaranteed income for both of us?! That is a family of 10 able to survive in 2020 without regular income.

Secondly, vacation was what we needed as a family – 8 days without anyone having to meet work or practice or school schedules. Today I returned to work (and admittedly I was dreading this since early yesterday). Well, today apparently is another telling point in the job journey. Back to back meetings on “staffing for the enterprise” and “where our department fits (or not)”. I still want to crawl back under the covers and avoid today….but it isn’t because of these meetings – these meetings will happen whether I (or my department) participates or not; and the outcome has been decided well above my pay scale. You see, I just want to crawl back under the covers and spend more time with the family; doing things that make us smile; helping in the garden; playing cards. When our family spends time together, we are all at our happiest (except for “those” moments when we aren’t 😊).

Years and years of simple living, sacrifice, and determination have left us in a position to not worry about this job. Whatever happens, we will make the best of it as we continue our journey of Time Before Money.


~”Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6 ~

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