Digging In

One month ago, we learned that my job was in limbo. There were some facts and some unknowns. The facts were that there WOULD be job eliminations, approximately 10 out of 29 positions; the timeline is from now until year end; and the final fact was we didn’t know which side of that I would come out on. That final fact ties into the unknowns: we have no idea where I will land, on the 19 that have jobs, or the 10 that are displaced; we have no idea when the final decisions will be made; we have no idea when the last day for those people will be, other than before years’ end; we have no idea what the job will look like going forward.

There have been periods of anxiety about all this. But mostly we are indifferent to the whole thing. It would be ideal if I can retain my job (and insurance for all 10 of us) and keep my schedule (ten hour shifts Monday – Thursday) – I think it is something like 8 years and neither of us would have to work again (unless we wanted to). However, if this doesn’t work out – we have options. We are in a position currently that we could both “not” work for 7 years…….7 years of both of us being unemployed……and still be able to help the kids with college, maintain our day to day living expenses, and take vacations. We would need to generate some income during that time to prolong that path, or one of us would need to go back to work at the end of 7 years…..lots of time to figure that out. I am making conscious efforts to not be anxious about it. It is not in my control and no amount of worry will change anything.

In the meantime, we have sent one back to college for his final semester. Back to college, three hours away, in a rented apartment – for 1 live class and 3 online classes. Ugh!!!! In two days, J2 will head back to college for his junior year; again, a rented house and mostly online classes. Ugh!!! The moves back will be tough for the little guys – J2 has been home since December 2019 as he had a co-op for spring semester. He spent 7 months working with metals at Amsted Rail. J1 was home since mid-March when the shutdowns began. These little ones have gotten used to having their brothers home.

Yesterday we started school for the year. We are slowly getting into the swing of school. Some more SLOWLY than others. But we will get there. We will have struggles, we will have successes, we will learn to be amazed, we will be left in awe. We will see our first college graduation and third high school graduation. We will celebrate a First Communion. We have one getting a driving permit. We will be busy!

MrTB4M and I will continue re-evaluating our path to make sure we are on the right track as we continue working to create Time Before Money.


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